Call to justice

2_AlysAlys Gagnon joined the Justice and International Mission (JIM) unit last month as a social justice officer (replacing Antony McMullen). Ms Gagnon has recently moved to Melbourne after working in politics in Canberra.

Ms Gagnon is the daughter of an Anglican priest, and has been involved in the Anglican church in Canberra and Goulburn. She said she has “lived with the Gospel’s call to justice and equality ringing in my ears my whole life”.

This call to justice is what initially attracted her to the role with the JIM unit.

“About six months after I had my son, I watched a documentary about the garbage dump children in Cambodia,” Ms Gagnon said.

“I remember clearly looking, through the television, into the eyes of a toddler who spent her days scouring through the waste for her very survival.

“She would likely never attend school. She would probably be malnourished her whole life, with little hope for a home, warmth or comfort.

“Then I looked into the eyes of my own child. My child is no different to this child, and yet he will live a very different life.

“While I can never hope to save all the children that live their lives on the garbage dumps, I look forward to working with the JIM unit to bring more justice and greater equality to our community and the world around us.”

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