Breakfast club

PENNY MULVEY EARLIER this year, visitors to Melbourne have expressed concern about the increasing numbers of homeless either sleeping rough or begging on city streets.

Rough justice?

FRIDAY FORUM From Thursday next week the public can make submissions on the City of Melbourne Council’s move to virtually ban homeless people from living in the CBD.

Argument rages over whether begging is a crime

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says attempts by the Greens to decriminalise begging will rob the city of the only means it has to divert people off the streets and get them appropriate help.

Locked out even in laneway

PENNY MULVEY When is an alcove a home? Sadly, it is more often than any of us would like to imagine as we enjoy the comfort of four walls and a cosy bed.

Counting the homeless on Census night

On 9 August, Australians will take part in the 2016 Census. The largest statistical collection in the country will provide a snapshot of how the Australian population has changed over the past five years.

Selfish or supportive?

Friday Forum Your views on the news The annual Vinnies CEO sleepout took place in Melbourne on Thursday night.

Homelessness on the rise

Friday Forum Your views on the news Regular visitors to the Melbourne CBD would have noticed that the homelessness protest at City Square has ended.

Calls to halve homelessness by 2025

On any given night, more than 105,000 Australians are homeless. This includes at least 44,000 children and young people under the age of 25.

Homeless towel call

Homelessness Prevention Week runs from 3 to 9 August. It is estimated that on any given night, more than 100,000 people are without a stable home in Australia.