It’s a conspiracy

By Jennifer Byrnes It’s a conspiracy! Every Sunday, and at many other times in the week, the people of God conspire. The word conspire derives from ‘con’ meaning together and ‘inspire’ meaning to breathe in.

The UCA and Inter-related Councils

By Rev Dr Jennifer Byrnes, Geoff Thompson, Sharon Hollis and Rohan Pryor. The Uniting Church has built its organisational life on the concept and practice of inter-related councils.

A taste of country

The nature of being a candidate in formation for ministry leaves the question always hovering: what kind of minister will I be? What kind of place will I minister into? Part of a formation program is giving candidates th

My cup… it overflows

Symbols can be very powerful. I have come to realise over the years how often food is used as a symbol of generous hospitality within the church and beyond.

The Bible in context: HIV and AIDS

The global HIV and AIDS epidemic has been a context of great suffering: stigmatization, death, grief, impoverishment and has left countless children orphaned.

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