Synod snaps – September 2018

Installation outside St John’s Uniting Church in Elsternwick to remember refugees and asylum seekers who have died in Australia’s offshore detention centres.

Madeleine Edwards leads Year 6 Wesley College students as they practise the Uniting Church’s consensus decision-making model.

Yarra Yarra Presbytery Chairperson Rev Ross Pearce, Rev Liz McMillan and Rev Ray Gormann ...

Q&A with Tai Alphred

We asked Murrumbeena Uniting Church’s family ministry coordinator Tai Alphred to tell us a bit about herself and ministry.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

My name is Tai (pronounced Tay) Alphred. I was born in the USA and grew up in California. I am married to a wonderful Australian ...

Graphic Gospel

Review by TIM LAM

Graphic novel | The Reign of God: Book One | Issey Fujishima

This debut graphic novel from Melbourne-based artist Issey Fujishima blends Western-style comics with Japanese manga to create a fresh take on the Gospel.

The Reign of God is set in 70CE, a period of conflict and bloodshed in the ...

And God saw it was good…


At the very beginning of our Scripture, we find God creating a world that is “very good”. It is clear from the first chapter of Genesis that God created a world for humans, plants and animals alike.

God saw to it that all the creatures and human beings were provided for, with the ...

Island care

Hundreds of patients in remote islands of Vanuatu have consulted with visiting expert medical teams as a result of a partnership between Uniting Church congregations and the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV).

In August, a PCV Health project team saw 1372 patients on the remote island of Malekula.

Six children were referred to the Rotary Oceania ...

An unexpected partnership


Inside Glenroy Uniting Church you will find a plaque and certificate recognising a unique partnership.

In July, Glenroy UC was presented with an award ‘For Commendable Service to the Nepalese Community’ from the Nepalese Association of Victoria. 

The growing interaction between the community and the congregation began when the church offered its hall to ...

All natural

Review by David Merritt

Book | Seasons and Self. Discourses on being ‘At Home’ in Nature | Rex A. E. Hunt

The author’s introduction to this book starts with a quote from American author and philosopher Sam Keen: “Whether we continue to talk about God is not so important as whether we retain the sense of ...

Shipwrecks and Sunday services

Miriam Imms

Becoming the wife of a Methodist minister and relocating house 15 times in the years following was certainly a challenge for someone like me. I grew up very securely based at the one family home in the Hobart suburb of Taroona.

After marrying Bob our first big move, after some months of training in ...

Site for rituals


Recently I’ve had the great fortune to help establish a new website which focuses on exploring liturgy.

The website,, has many strands, but concentrates on five aspects of worship:

  • The distinct perspectives and rituals that emerge in Aboriginal-Christian communities
  • The experience of worship traditions in diaspora, as ...

Letters to the editor – September 2018

Creative approach

Evolution is anathema to some Christians, but it doesn’t rule out creation. It’s obvious that many species have evolved over millennia for we have archaeological evidence to prove it; but it doesn’t disprove creation.

Creation is not finished; creation is an ongoing process – it didn’t all happen in six days and then remain ...

Love letter

If you have been following the Revised Common Lectionary you most likely have spent some time recently reading the letter to the Ephesians.

If you haven’t paid much attention to the letter I encourage you to read it because it is particularly helpful for not just thinking about the life of the Church but the ...

Climate of urgency

With drought in the eastern states of Australia, record heatwaves across Europe and Asia and bushfires ravaging Greece and California, attention has shifted once again to the impact of global warming.

This year’s Uniting Earth national e-conference – held on 23 September – focuses on the theme ‘Hope in Action’ as ministers and activists explore community ...