Finding goodness among the godless

Hospital chaplain Joe Sehee recently gave a talk to a warm-hearted group who meet on a Sunday morning, reflect on serious life issues, sing and share food.

They also have definite beliefs about God, specifically that there isn’t one.

Joe, who is a member of the Humanist Society of Victoria (HSV), addressed the Sunday Assembly, a self-proclaimed ...

Object lessons

Review by Nick Mattiske

Book | Royal Books and Holy Bones: Essays in Medieval Christianity | Eamon Duffy

Eamon Duffy writes that Christianity is a material religion, and it’s this theme that connects this collection of assorted essays and reviews.

Christ was made man, and Christians believe in the resurrection of the body. In ...

The Angel of the Tram

Icons are written, not painted – this indicates to me that they should tell a religious story. 

My icon, which I completed as a student of the Uniting Church Icon Schools and features on this month’s Crosslight cover and in full in the image above, is based on the old story of the prince who ...

Don’t screen God out of the workplace


“Let us then go to him outside the camp and bear the abuse he endured.”(Heb13:13) 

This text preached by Rev Dr Davis McCaughey at my ministry exit valedictory service in 1972 still resonates with me.

In my first placement at outer suburban Knox, there were times I indeed felt “outside the city gate” ...

Pioneering spirit still going strong

Wandin Seville Uniting Church’s big year of celebration has been a real family affair and that is set to continue.

Later this month, a special morning service will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Christian worship at Wandin, on the eastern fringes of Melbourne.

The service will be followed by an afternoon event called “Making ...

Fading dream of a new Sri Lanka

Devanandan Anandarajan

In 2016 I wrote my hope for Sri Lanka. At that time it seemed a space for democracy had been opened after the civil war and with the present government coming to power in 2015, backed by the overwhelming support of minorities.

These minorities (Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and others) realised that if ...

Synod Snaps – October 2018

Stawell Uniting Church celebrated the confirmation of five members, including an adult immersion baptism. Each person gave a testimony of their faith journey and was welcomed into the congregation with joy and thanksgiving.

The hard-working members of the Melba College Chaplaincy Committee baked up a storm for the annual high tea, held at Croydon ...

From jail cell to justice advocate


Now that he happily serves as a Uniting Church minister in the Victorian border town of Wodonga, Rev Berlin Guerrero could be forgiven for turning his back on the country where he was jailed and tortured for 15 months.

However, the plight of those living in his homeland of the Philippines the country he ...

Letters to the editor – October 2018

Belief and myth

We read with “interest” Noel Lodge’s letter (August Crosslight) on fundamental truths.

With all due respect, we find it hard to accept much of the “fundamental” doctrines of any religion.

Christian fundamentalist doctrines go back to the concept of Adam and Eve and the “fall of man” by Eve eating the ...

Going the distance

Crosslight will go a long way to find new readers, even 2336km.

That’s the distance a parcel of the September issue of Crosslight travelled from Melbourne to new subscriber, the Norfolk Island Uniting Church.

Norfolk Island Uniting Church treasurer Barbara Elliot said the congregation is small, but very active.

“Our church participates ...

A sound response to climate change

Portarlington St Andrew’s Uniting Church is calling on the combined power of music and visual art to educate and inspire people about the threat of climate change.

On 28 October, the church in Geelong will host the Music for a Warming World multimedia concert from 2.30pm–4pm.

Lead performer Simon Kerr said the presentation was ...

Place setter

Review by Alan Ray

Book | To be a Pilgrim: a reflective guide to the Holy Land | Bradly Billings

The stony plateau of Bethlehem, the calm expanse of Galilee and the smells and bustle of Jerusalem are all evoked in this book.

Reading it we can either be an armchair pilgrim or use it ...