Talking Treaty: Asking for a sign

GARTH JONES On Wednesday, 9 November, more than 300 people packed Wesley Uniting Church for the Victorian Council of Churches’ Christian Perspectives on Treaty, Sovereignty and Constitutional Recognition forum.

Highway to Nell

Nell, Let There Be Robe, 2012 REVIEW BY GARTH JONES EXHIBITION | NEϟLL | SHEPPARTON ART MUSEUM The Maitland raised, Sydney-based Nell opened her eponymous show at Shepparton Art Museum (SAM) last month.

Unexpected rainbow in outback Australia

Crosslight Designer Garth Jones recently returned to his home town of Broken Hill for the Broken Heel Festival, now in its second year of celebrating Australian cult film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Enemy within

Review by Garth Jones BOOK | AMERICAN POLITICS IN THE TIME OF TRUMP | DON WATSON AS the United States prepares to head to one of the most divisive Presidential polls in history, author and speechwriter Don Watson return

Born to preach

Review by GARTH JONES TELEVISION | PREACHER | MA Critic Adam Marshall, writing for Christianity Today, characterises AMC Television’s adaptation of cult graphic novel Preacher as being part of the presently popular vangu

Faith in science


Busting stereotypes

Film | Ghostbusters | PG Review by GARTH JONES If you’re not a reader of online social media, you may be happily unaware of a toxic strain of male ‘geek’ known as a Men’s Rights Activist (MRA).

A well-worn path

Book | Quarterly Essay- Firing Line, Australia’s Path To War | James Brown Review by GARTH JONES ‘Si vis pacem, para bellum.’ (‘If you want peace, prepare for war’).

Kiwi adventure with heart

Hunt for the Wilderpeople | Film | PG Review by GARTH JONES Hunt for the Wilderpeople is New Zealand writer/director Taika Waititi’s (Eagle vs Shark) fourth feature film.

Finding the balance

Balancing Act– Australia Between Recession and Renewal | Quarterly Essay 61 | George Megalogenis Review by GARTH JONES Expanding on themes briefly explored in 2015’s Australia’s Second Chance, journalist George Megalogen

Political power and passion – Macbeth review

Film | Macbeth | TBC Review by Garth Jones This latest cinematic adaptation of Macbeth is South Australian director Justin Kurzel’s sophomore film, following in the grim footsteps of 2011’s Snowtown.

Something rotten in our supermarkets

  Book | Supermarket Monsters: The Price of Coles and Woolworths’ Dominance | Malcolm Knox Review by Garth Jones “We are an oligopoly community. We shouldn’t fight it.