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The cast of ‘Christians Like Us’

Review by Bradon French, Youth Ministry Coordinator. 

Tonight SBS screens the first episode of Christians Like Us at 8:30pm. Over two episodes, the second one is broadcast next Wednesday, we catch a glimpse of how 10 Australian Christians co-exist in a Bella Vista home in northwest Sydney, and we ask ourselves, are they Christians Like Us? Or even, are we Christians like them?

It’s an observational documentary, that follows the success of Muslims Like Us in 2016. No games, no elimination challenges, and no celebrity invaders, yet this is compelling reality television.

The cast is diverse and engaging. The confessional moments suggest very little manipulation or misrepresentation. They hold strong beliefs on the pillars of the faith, and the production team draw out conversation and drama with some cleverly scheduled “news reports” on the television.

The usual subjects are discussed, including homosexuality, women in leadership, are Mormons Christians?, and who’s saying grace for dinner (#spoilers – it’s always Steve).

Both episodes provide space for significant conversations on sexual abuse of children within churches (with another Steve sharing his personal experiences) and recent legislation around changes to abortion – these scenes should probably carry trigger warnings.

The series gives us the opportunity to consider how we might live together as Christians in Australia, and whether what unites us is greater than what divides us.

The Work Experience Podcast will be releasing ‘Hot Take’ podcasts immediately following both episodes, with Bradon French and Steve Molkentin from Queensland providing reactions, insights and diving deeper into the issues represented. These are available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or streaming at


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