A voice for justice and hope

The Uniting Church in Australia has released a comprehensive vision for a just, compassionate and inclusive nation ahead of the looming federal election.

The statement Our Vision for a Just Australia is a resource that will assist Church members think about major issues, hold group discussions or host public forums with local candidates ahead of the election, predicted to be held in May.

“Articulating our vision for Australia at this time is critical,” UCA President of the National Assembly Dr Deidre Palmer said.

“Many of the issues identified in this document will be prominent in public debate as Australians consider the leadership they want for our country.”

The statement covers seven foundational areas – First Peoples; environment; immigration, diversity and refugee policies; economy; social inclusion and equality; flourishing communities; promoting global peace and prosperity.

Each section outlines the Church’s hopes in that area, which are backed up by Bible verses, previous UCA statements, a short factual survey of how Australia measures up, key actions that need to be taken and questions to put to political candidates or start discussions.

“I commend this resource to congregations and Uniting Church members, as we seek to live out our Christian discipleship in every aspect of our lives,” Dr Palmer said.

“As followers of Christ, each one of us is called to be a voice for justice and hope in our communities, in Australia and in the world.”

The resource was compiled by Assembly’s UnitingJustice unit, which drew on the work of UCA justice workers and advocates from throughout Australia.

You can find the statement here.


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