Commission is ‘an opportunity’

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As the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety gets underway UnitingCare Australia has welcomed the focus on creating a system of aged care that provides quality, compassionate care and a safe environment.

In Adelaide the Commission officially began today with a directions hearing,

National Director of UnitingCare Australia Claerwen Little said it is pleasing that the Commission is providing opportunities to gather opinions of people already in care including those outside the main cities.

“We are approaching this Royal Commission as an opportunity to create stronger communities and to ensure that people have the greatest choice possible about where and how they approach their life as they age,” National Director of UnitingCare Australia Claerwen Little said.

“As a society, we cannot risk a future in which a whole class of people is removed from our community because of their age. If we do not change the way we do things, this may be the outcome.

“The Uniting Church looks forward to contributing to a national conversation about the services that are needed to support an ageing population.

“We are pleased that Royal Commission will take a long-term perspective that will fully explore the issues that will come as the number of older people in our community grows.

“The Uniting Church and its service providers believe in finding positive ways of adjusting to social change that benefit all people throughout their lives. The right to be treated justly, accorded dignity and to have your basic rights protected applies to everyone, regardless of age, gender, cultural origin, sexuality or beliefs.”


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