Service that is full of character

Hugh, Stephen, Wesley and Kelly McLaughlin

Appropriately enough, the Church of Latter Geeks looks set to go virtual.

The annual costume character service has already gone ecumenical with Williamtown’s Holy Trinity Anglican Church hosting a Cyberman (from Dr Who), Star Wars droids, a Quidditch team’s worth of Harry Potter characters and even a Stepford Wife last Sunday afternoon.

The service was started by Williamstown Uniting Church minister Rev Avril Hannah-Jones in 2011 and she organised this year’s in partnership with Anglican minister Reverend Bill Beagley.

Avril said that even with the costumes and readings from such sources as the Narnia children’s fantasy books by Christian apologist CS Lewis the structure of the event is “an absolutely typical Uniting Church service. a four-hymn sandwich”.

Reverent Beagley, who was dressed as Highlander from the movie Highlander gave a short reflection on how victory meant everyone living together as a harmonious community.

“It was a lovely feeling service, everyone there really enjoyed themselves,” Ms Hannah-Jones said.

The gathering was smaller than previous years, with Ms Hannah-Jones saying a number of people had sent their regrets at not being able to attend.

“Next year we’ve going to have to film it and put it online as a virtual service,” Ms Hannah-Jones said.

Avril Hannah-Jones, Teagan Petrie, Olivia Bykersma and Hewitt Colebatch

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