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The Melton Uniting Church is one of the oldest structures in Melton. When built in 1857 the original (and still functioning) building was built for all denominations to share.

The Scottish designed bluestone building was opened 14 December 1867. A Sunday school building was constructed in 1938. This building, along with the original church, is listed as of historical significance for the City of Melton.

A fellowship hall was constructed in 1982. In 1988 an extension to the original church was opened, a very distinctive design inspired by Australian woolsheds. In 2013, a new multi-purpose building was added to the church property.

But Melton Uniting Church is much more than its buildings. For 150 years, the congregation has worked hard to become an integral part of the Melton community. The church is at mission through its involvement at Melton South with an op shop, which moved into a new facility in 2016, and through Fresh Expressions headed up by Rev John Rigby.

The church was also instrumental in the establishment of the Combined Christian Caring Melton Food Bank.

As the 150th year of mission and ministry dawns, the Melton Uniting Church is considering the development of a social enterprise model to enhance the outreach objectives of the congregation.

The minister at Melton, Rev Paul C Blacker, said, “As this Christian community celebrates a significant milestone, it is also looking forward to the challenging realities of being placed in a significant growth corridor. We will be using our past to motivate our future. The bold steps of those who have gone before us have provided inspiration as we pioneer new initiatives in communities being constructed around us right now.”

To celebrate with Melton Uniting Church during the week of 3–10 December 2017 contact Elaine Radford on 0402 262 498.

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