Island care

In August, a Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu health project team saw 1372 patients on the remote island of Malekula.

Supporting seasonal workers

RANDALL PRIOR In 2008, the Australian Government initiated a program for people from Pacific Island nations to stay in Australian on short-term visas and fill vital employment gaps in the agricultural industry.

Leading the way

Book | Women in Leadership – A Partnership between the Uniting Church and Vanuatu Review by Randall Prior An unexpected partnership between women in the Uniting Church and women in Vanuatu has given rise to a new publica

Pacific Partners

By BEN GRUNDY When Cyclone Pam devastated parts of Vanuatu earlier this year, the North Ringwood Uniting Church swung into action.

Chaos or order, death or life?

By Rev Dr Randall Prior The temptation for someone who was in Vanuatu at the time of the recent cyclone – the most intense cyclone ever to have passed through the island group, wreaking the most devastating havoc ever wi

Life Through Cyclone Pam

After more than 30 years of involvement in the Church in Vanuatu and they have managed to avoid every passing cyclone, but not this time.