Centre of pride and passion

Behind the quiet façade of a brick building in Hobart is a place buzzing with activity, and a group dedicated to inviting First and Second Peoples to experience Aboriginal culture in a meaningful way.

Harley brings hope for healing

Harley Eagle, a First Nations trauma expert from Canada, shares his experiences of inter-generational trauma caused by colonialism.

Position of privilege

In January, I was privileged to attend some of the 2018 Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Conference (UAICC), which is held every three years.

Sharing stories from the heart

Uniting Aboriginal Islander and Christian Congress (UAICC) members have recounted their experiences of cross-generational trauma – along with stories of hope and healing – at the 2018 National Conference.

Young Indigenous artist puts her mark on Leprena

Grace Williams and Stuart McMillan with back fence mural Teenage Tasmanian Indigenous artist Grace Williams has been the driving force behind two distinctive pieces of artwork which have pride of place at Leprena, the so

To Treaty and beyond

SEMISI KAILAHI The Yolŋu people of Arnhem Land have begun a new push for a treaty with the federal government that recognises their sovereignty.

Rev Rronang Garrawurra honoured

Former national chairperson of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC), Rev Rronang Garrawurra, was honoured on Wednesday night as a finalist for the 2016 Northern Territory Senior Australian of th

Writing Wrongs

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s comment that people living in remote Indigenous communities cannot be “endlessly subsidised” for their “lifestyle choices” has sparked nationwide debate.

Tony Abbott’s Lifestyle Choices

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has suggested that Indigenous Australians who live in remote communities should move to towns and cities if they want to access basic health and welfare services.

Narana: A place of pride

By Megan Graham Nicholas Boseley, cultural education manager at Narana Recent news coverage celebrating Patty Mills, who in June became the first Indigenous Australian to win an NBA championship, has been enthusiastic an