Changing course into a storm

When Rev Dr David Gushee called for full inclusion of LGBTI people in his book Changing Our Mind, the response from the mainstream evangelical community was brutally swift.

Korean barriers finally falling

SILVIA YANG Last October, when the situation on the Korean Peninsula was on a knife’s edge, I had an opportunity to visit Germany.

Power of celebrity

Once it might have taken the most fanciful, or satiric, of political forecasters to predict that a US presidential race would be between contenders best known for being a former reality TV show star and a former daytime

Church demands end to refugee crisis amid deal doubt

The Uniting Church is calling for asylum seekers to be brought to Australia immediately in the wake of the uncertainty and furore created by Donald’s Trump’s stated disgust over a deal to resettle them in the US.

Trump: Respect or Resistance?

For this week’s Friday Forum Robyn Whitaker and Sean Winter respond to an article in the The Age by Barney Zwartz on the Christian approach to the Trump presidency.

Rethinking Audacious Hope

Carla Wells reflects on the impending Trump presidency. On the night of 8 November, 2016, in the Bay Area of San Francisco, there was an eerie silence in the air.

The US election from an expat’s perspective

I was invited to write this piece on the morning of 9 November, when the election result was still unknown. I had visions – no, fantasies! – of writing about what it felt like to have the first female President.