Natural order and the Bible

Pilgrim Theological College Associate Professor of Systematic Theology Geoff Thompson has written a fascinating article which has received extensive coverage by the ABC.

History’s page opens up

The Dalton McCaughey Library's world-class collection allows visitors to enjoy a peek into the theological past.

Truth and its consequences

BARRY GITTINS “What is truth?” was the question asked by Pontius Pilate of Jesus and it is a question that a visiting eminent theologian from the US will be addressing later this month in a public Northey Lecture at the

Theological perspective

Bob Faser reviews A Genuinely Theological Church: ministry, theology and the Uniting Church by Geoff Thompson.

Everyday faith

Rohan Pryor reviews Thinking the Faith, Living the Faith by Chris Walker.

Trump: Respect or Resistance?

For this week’s Friday Forum Robyn Whitaker and Sean Winter respond to an article in the The Age by Barney Zwartz on the Christian approach to the Trump presidency.

Enriching curious minds

Every year, the Uniting Church Adult Fellowship (UCAF) supports young people engaged in theological or leadership studies through the Joan Stott bursary.

Creating Jesus  

Book | Made on earth. How gospel writers created the Christ | Dr Lorraine Parkinson.

Partners in Theological Education

Long-standing links between the Uniting Church in Australia and its partner church, the United Church of Papua New Guinea (UCPNG), will soon be renewed.

Do your own theology

Review by David Merritt Book | Testing Tradition and Liberating Theology.

Ethics and the gospel

By Rev Dr Craig Thompson In her response to Randall Prior in July Crosslight, Lorraine Parkinson takes issue not only with the ecumenical impetus which saw the birth of the Uniting Church but more generally with Christi

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