Community and consensus

In her moderator's reflection this month, Rev Sharon Hollis shares her insights from the recent Synod meeting.

Four Synod inspirations

I was inspired by the recent Synod meeting at Box Hill Town Hall – all five days of it! By the end, I was tired. Very tired! But I felt honoured to have been part of it all.

The art of consensus

NIGEL TAPP For those uninitiated in the decision-making process of the Uniting Church, it can be a little confusing to attend a meeting where three coloured cards – orange, yellow and blue – seem to dominate proceedings.

Laced with love for moderator

Lace was the theme of the latest city/country ‘showdown’ between two Uniting Church ministers at this year’s Synod meeting.

Synod 2017: Old endings and new beginnings

Almost 300 Synod members packed Box Hill Town Hall throughout the past five days to discern and discuss the future of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania.

Crosslight at Synod

The 2017 Vic/Tas Synod meeting began last Friday with a moving service at St Michael’s UC in Melbourne.

Become a shooting star

Penny Mulvey learnt a thing or two about mobile phones on her latest trip to a rural presbytery.