Youth ministry in the digital age

Bradon French on how social media and smartphones have changed how we minister to youth, as well the dangers of device dependence.

Friday Forum – More Potter?

Friday Forum Your views on the news Our graphic designer, Garth Jones, got a dragon, because of course he did. So I’m a beagle.

Tweeting God

If reports are correct, today Pope Francis is expected to meet Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google and Jared Cohen, current head of Google Ideas.

Cecil: a signpost on conservation

The recent outcry following the killing of a Zimbabwean lion has highlighted shifting attitudes towards conservation and animal rights.

Social Media Day

An increasing number of congregations are using social media to communicate with their communities.

Faith to Facebook

By Ros Marsden The eulogy delivered by granddaughter Rachel Fraser at the March State Funeral for Malcolm Fraser provided a warm glimpse into the private family life of Australia’s 22nd prime minister.