Write of Passage: Rev (Deacon) Wendy Elson

"Jesus tells us that the Spirit has ordained him (and us) to hold people in their brokenness, to give priority to feeding and liberating, healing to the hurting and disadvantaged," Wendy writes.

Neighbourly approach to justice

The biblical commandment to ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ will fittingly be the theme of an upcoming conference on social justice.

Keeping the faith

In his latest book, Faith: Embracing life in all its uncertainty, Tim Costello explores the role of faith in the world today.

Young Muslim helps JIM conference build bridges

DENISSE SANDOVAL When Anam Javed from the Islamic Council of Victoria heard about the Manchester bombing last Monday, she braced herself for the deluge of hostile phone calls the organisation would inevitably receive.

Surrendering to an overwhelming sense of Welcome

An emotional Welcome to Country ceremony set the scene for the recent Surrender conference, where hundreds of Christians from a wide variety of denominations gathered to be inspired, equipped and challenged to embody Ch

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