Why this land is not ours

Head of Pilgrim Theological College Rev Dr Sean Winter says the Old Testament has a prophetic warning to Australia.

Untold children’s stories

Rev Alex Sangster reflects on the plight of refugee children who are kept out of sight in our offshore detention centres.

Show us a sign

While churches are increasingly using social media to communicate with the wider community, the traditional message board remains a steadfast favourite.

Sumaya Harare and loving who you are

Next month Sumaya Harare makes her first appearance as a guest speaker at Sacred Edge, a festival of arts, music, justice and spirituality hosted by the Queenscliff Uniting Church.

Walk for refugees

As refugee advocates prepare for this year’s Palm Sunday Walk for Justice for Refugees, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the fate of those left behind on Manus and Nauru.

Direct action and the power of prayer

Rev Alex Sangster recently participated in two non-violent direct actions to protest against the government's refugees and climate change policies.