Tempest and the former PM

Uniting Church Minister John Bottomley says former Prime Minister Scott Morrison's decision to appoint himself to several ministries during the pandemic needs to be seen through the prism of his Pentecostal beliefs.

Cross party politics

While many Australians might say they are losing faith in politics among our political leaders faith is not in short supply.

Knowing Nixon

Nick Mattiske reviews John Farrell’s new biography on Richard Nixon.

When things get messy

Friday Forum Your views on the news One Nation it seems is growing in respectability.

Balancing Act

Are we obliged to give ‘equal platform’ to those who vilify the vulnerable? Is “journalistic balance” balanced? This is a question that has been on my mind lately.

Gambling on Trump

Friday Forum Your views on the news The upcoming presidential race in the United States has shone a light on the problem of money in politics.

Prayers in Parliament

The Victorian Parliament will debate a proposal to remove the Lord’s Prayer before each parliamentary sitting.