Pilgrim’s big finish

Pilgrim Theological College held a busy End of Year service last week, which recognised nine exiting candidates for ministry and farewelled 22 students who had completed or were completing a variety of awards.

Site for rituals

Pilgrim Theological College coordinator of ministry studies Stephen Burns introduces the new Exploring Liturgy website.

Truth and its consequences

BARRY GITTINS “What is truth?” was the question asked by Pontius Pilate of Jesus and it is a question that a visiting eminent theologian from the US will be addressing later this month in a public Northey Lecture at the

Theology in reel-time

Going to the movies is not often considered a deep theological experience, but a new course at Pilgrim Theological College is set to challenge that.

Story selection

Dr Herbert Evatt We don’t very often tell the story of Australia’s role in establishing the United Nations.

Monastic fantastic

A group of Uniting Church members and theological students had the opportunity to experience the rigours and rewards of monastic life.

Hope and Joy

Baptist Sunday morning worship service in Goma. We are living in a period of significant turmoil. It would be easy to feel overwhelmed by the current political climate.

Robyn on the fly

Crosslight talks to Rev Dr Robyn Whitaker, who will commence as Coordinator of New Testament Studies at Pilgrim this month.

Forming disciples – theologically

The theological world recently mourned the death of Professor James Cone, a prominent African American theologian who taught for many years at Union Theological Seminary in New York.

Is the Old Testament dying?

Weird, strange, foreign, old, irrelevant, outdated, useless, violent, are among the words people have used to respond to the question “what is the Old Testament?”

The things that matter

The work of education in the church is about identifying the important things, and to go deeper into our knowledge and understanding of them, writes Sean Winter.