Letters to the editor – June 2017

Ascension Day hymns   What does Ascension Day mean to us in 21st century Australia?  We have often seen classical paintings of this scene where Christ is rising to heaven watched by anxious or adoring disciples.

Letters to the editor – May 2017

Logo life They say that everything in life is relative however, in Jim Gibson’s case we are not related! Nigel Tapp’s timely piece (‘Logo stands the test of time’, April) brought back memories of a front-page story in Th

Letters to the editor – April 2017

Judge not … RESPONDING to Dennis Litchfield’s letter (Crosslight, March 2017), who complains firstly about the statement “Crosslight seeks not to denigrate other denominations or faiths”, one wonders exactly what Mr Litc

Letters to the editor – December 2016

Savage cuts to aged pensions In June 2015 Scott Morrison, the then minister for social services, stated: “The current generation of aged pensioners had a deal with the government over their lifetime that if they worked h

Letters – October 2016

Learning from Islam The remarks made by Senator Hanson in her maiden speech are as astonishing as they are predictable (sadly).

Letters to the editor -August 2016

Listening to our youth Thank you, Crosslight, for the excellent Synod 2016 supplement, capturing many moments and opinions. I haven’t attended Synod for several years and this kind of summary is most welcome.

Letters to the editor – July 2016

Reality of God I recently bought a telescope to watch the night skies. At first I was a little perplexed when the image of a tree I trained it on was upside down. On further research, it seemed that it doesn’t matter.