Serving up goodwill

Christians and Muslims were invited to come together and share an Iftar dinner at Ivanhoe Uniting Church on 18 May. The event nurtured understanding, solidarity and unity between both faiths.

Faiths call for compassionate Australia

Leading up to Australia Day, Christian, Islamic and Jewish representatives have issued a common call for the nation to adopt compassion as its guiding principle.

Habit forming

Amna Iqbal shared her Islamic faith journey at Ormond Uniting Church as part of Multi-faith October, where guests from different faith traditions talked about their religion at the Sunday morning services.

Full set of beliefs

Ormond Uniting Church will devote October to exploring four of the world’s great faiths – Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.

Fellowship of the faiths during Ramadan

Iftar at Carlton Church of All Nations It was a historic occasion at Scots Memorial Uniting Church as the congregation became the first church in Tasmania to host an Iftar dinner earlier this month.

Table of togetherness

When Brunswick was named as a terrorist target in 2016, the local religious community decided they would respond by showcasing the neighbourhood’s thriving diversity

Triumph of light

For the rest of Thursday don’t be shy about wishing any Hindu people you know “Happy Diwali” (the ‘w’ has a ‘v’ sound), and certainly do so if you run into Kirit Kapadia.