Indonesians pray for jailed Christian governor

Indonesians throughout the world have joined in prayer vigils over the weekend in support of Jakarta’s Christian governor, who was last week sentenced to jail for blasphemy.

Prayers for Jakarta

The Uniting Church has sent a prayer to its partner church in Indonesia, the GKI (Gereja Kristen Indonesia), after violent protests erupted in Jakarta over the weekend.

Bali beyond the beaches and bars

Rev Ketut Sudiana, Irene Deborah, Made Effrayim Arifin. Irene Deborah was completely unprepared for what happened when the Jeep window was wound down in Sepang village, northern Bali a few months ago.

Northern exposure

Rev Dr Ji Zhang, Rev Dr Anthon Rumbewas and Rev Josina Wospakrik from GKI-TP in West Papua, Rev Sharon Hollis, Rev Dr Mery Kolimon from GMIT in West Timor, Rev Helena Maplani and Rev Lorenso Dos Santos from IPTL in Timor