Tiny solution to big problem

Uniting Wimmera has received a $10,000 grant to trial a pilot program that will convert storage containers into tiny houses for homeless youth.

No place to call home for LGBTIQ+ people

A recent study by GALFA (the Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia) found that LGBTIQ+ people were twice as likely as heterosexual people to have experienced homelessness.

Making the most of inherited jeans

Members from left Elaine Martin, Claire Green, Margaret Ranson, Margaret Hoey, Elaine Holman, Jan McGrath with some of their blankets.

Breakfast club

PENNY MULVEY EARLIER this year, visitors to Melbourne have expressed concern about the increasing numbers of homeless either sleeping rough or begging on city streets.

Rough justice?

FRIDAY FORUM From Thursday next week the public can make submissions on the City of Melbourne Council’s move to virtually ban homeless people from living in the CBD.

Argument rages over whether begging is a crime

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle says attempts by the Greens to decriminalise begging will rob the city of the only means it has to divert people off the streets and get them appropriate help.