Bell tolls for violence victims

Moderator Denise Liersch represented the Uniting Church at the annual Holding the Light ecumenical service last Sunday, held to remember women who have lost their lives to domestic violence.

Giving it all in the Pacific

UCA President Dr Deidre Palmer didn’t shy away from the big issues of women’s equality, the devastating impact of changing climate and domestic violence during recent trips to Bali, Fiji and Vanuatu.

ABC report not whole story

PENNY MULVEY Domestic or family violence is a serious issue that touches all facets of society. Therefore, it is no surprise that 7.

Tip of the ice bucket

PENNY MULVEY “It’s all good for footy,” Eddie McGuire concluded as he and his fellow radio commentators ended a brief and chilling conversation, later described as ‘banter’, in which they joked about drowning a well-know

Cruellest budget blow

After the shock of budget cuts to the most vulnerable in last year’s Federal Budget, it would appear commentators have reacted favourably to the Abbott Government’s second attempt to balance the nation’s books.