A Home At Christmas – For Those With None

Pioneers from the 2/2nd digging-in, Syria, November 1941. Wikipedia. I’ll be home for Christmas You can plan on me. Please have the snow and mistletoe And presents on the tree.

A birth in Bethlehem

By Bill Pugh Christmas again. Refreshingly new every time we listen to the story. It inspires poetry, songs of praise and artists. It is pictured in cathedrals, churches and chapel design.

Christ is for life, not just for Christmas

A puzzle for you: why is Christmas Day like an iceberg? Because on Christmas Day we only see only one tenth of the Story! It’s a little like those gym memberships that some of us have taken out from time-to-time – you kn

Time and tide

As Christmas approaches again, it can sometimes seem as if nothing (no-thing) is newly created any more – particularly with the endless display of, so-called, ‘new-things’ appearing on-line and in retail stores.

The Grinch who stole Christmas

Just after the Melbourne Cup weekend we’ll start to see decorations for Christmas appear in shopping centres, followed not too long after by playing of Christmas carols.