The grace of God

The piles of new books on my desk and coffee table could be viewed as minor health and safety risk. If they all toppled onto your foot, they could certainly do some damage.

Christ is for life, not just for Christmas

A puzzle for you: why is Christmas Day like an iceberg? Because on Christmas Day we only see only one tenth of the Story! It’s a little like those gym memberships that some of us have taken out from time-to-time – you kn

Caught in the Moment  

Karin TillWalk the TalkScreen shot from video Caught in the Moment is the second group exhibition by the VicTas Art and Spirituality Network.

Together towards life

By John Flett In September, I gathered with 31 other participants in Bangkok for a seminar co-hosted by the World Council of Churches and the Council for World Mission.

Eureka moments and transformation

Paul on the road to Damascus (sixteenth century painting) By Christine Sorensen What are your Eureka moments? ‘Eureka’ was the theme of the recent Wisdom’s Feast in Ballarat, picking up an important moment in Australian

Why Unite?

By Rev Randall Prior (with gratitude to Norman Young, D’Arcy Wood and Graham McAnalley) In the 1990s, in the city of Knox in Melbourne’s outer east, I was involved in a local Uniting and Anglican Churches initiative to e

Disagreement between faiths

  Image by Jesus Solana on Flickr An upcoming event at the Centre for Theology and Ministry will be looking at relationships between different faith communities.