Snakes and leaders

Emerging church leaders got an opportunity to show that they could handle anything when they were invited to pick up live snakes at the Centre of Theology and Ministry.

A top shelf career winds up

Although he admits a certain bias, Stephen Connelly believes there is something unique about the Dalton McCaughey Library located at Centre of Theology and Ministry in Parkville.

Practising the Art of Story

It is not obvious at first glance that Fiona Bottcher began her working life as an engineer, but words such as ‘build’ and ‘structure’ pop up in her description of what was enjoyable about the Art of Story course she com

Developing dementia-friendly congregations

CHARISSE EDE For the past eight years, Joan Waters has thought, read, wept and prayed about dementia. The insidious disease has taken hostage of her husband of 65 years, Reynolds, a retired Uniting Church minister.

A helping hand for farmers

TIM LAM Like many young men in Australia, Peter Johns wanted to attend university and pursue a career in an industry of his choice.

Read for Reformation Day

Prayer without End, Nicholas Maes 1656 By Katharine Massam To mark Reformation Day this October, consider visiting a theological library.

Humanity Remade by Kindness

The ‘Emerging Man’, a series of statues in Prague, by Olbram Zoubek, depict humanity being re-made to ‘fullness’ after the end of the de-humanisation of communism.

Dave Csinos tour

Canadian theologian, speaker and author Dave Csinos was recently in Australia for the first time to deliver a series of seminars on the issues of re-imagining faith formation, faith formation in smaller churches, and th

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