Animal magnetism

Sundays at Bellbrae Uniting Church are furry and friendly, as these pictures from a recent service show.

No claws for concern

They may not be your regular churchgoers, but dogs and cats stole the show at Chelsea Parish Uniting Church in September.

They had no choice

ANIMALS have served in war for hundreds of years, from elephants during the time of Hannibal, to the present day bomb-sniffing dogs used in the Afghanistan conflict.

Tails of hope and despair

FILM | A STREET CAT NAMED BOB | PG Review by BARBARA ALLEN Loosely based on James Bowen’s 2012 autobiography, A Street Cat Named Bob, this movie is about the relationship between a homeless man and a cat.

Christmas for all creation

By Rev Barbara Allen As we approach the Christmas season, we are probably trying to stay true to ourselves and to our beliefs and ideals, holding fast to what it means to be ‘Christian’.

All creatures

REVIEW BY REV IAN SMITH BOOK | ANIMALS IN RELIGION | REV BARBARA ALLEN This book is timely; in the midst of the growing global concern around climate change and the future of our world as we know and understand it, Barba

Animals in our lives and in our hearts

By Rev Barbara Allen Spirituality and Creation Project Worker As we approach World Animal Day (Feast of St Francis, 4 October) it is timely to take stock and consider our animal brethren.