Message from the President

"In this season of Advent, we reflect on the coming of Christ into our world with anticipation and hope", writes President Deidre Palmer.

Advent reminders

Monica Jyotsna Melanchthon, Coordinator of Studies (Old Testament) at Pilgrim Theological College offers her Advent reflections.

Embodiment of hope

Mary has not often been depicted in art as pregnant. Rarely do we put pictures of Mary obviously pregnant up for Advent.

Advent stories of hope: food and friendship

For Christians the birth of Jesus is not just an historical event to be marked on Christmas Day but is an ongoing story of the way that God is at work in the world.

Advent inspiration

While it may seem that the countdown to Christmas begins ever earlier in the shops, for Christians in the Western tradition it officially started last Sunday.

Heartache and Hope

By Penny Mulvey A small boy, in the arms of his father, responded to questioning by a French journalist asking how he was feeling after the Paris attacks last month. The little boy said he was scared.