Sorry for sins of the past

We look back at how the Uniting Church's relationship with First Peoples has changed over the past 40 years.

The art of consensus

NIGEL TAPP For those uninitiated in the decision-making process of the Uniting Church, it can be a little confusing to attend a meeting where three coloured cards – orange, yellow and blue – seem to dominate proceedings.

The day three became one

Forty years ago today the Uniting Church in Australia was born. Former Associate General Secretary Peter Blackwood’s parents, Rev Ron and Jean, attended the first Assembly gathering and evening service.

Being 40 years young

Street march as part of NCYC 1957 in Adelaide NIGEL TAPP Ministering to children, young people, youth and families has been central to the mission of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Uniting in song

Church members from all congregations are invited to come together for a special afternoon of singing in celebration of the Uniting Church’s 40th anniversary.

Change is in the nature of our union

When I look at the photos of the inauguration, I barely recognise the current Uniting Church. In the photos, the Church is represented largely by a group of older white men.

Cause to celebrate

PENNY MULVEY Next month is the Uniting Church in Australia’s 40th birthday. What memories are conjured up for you as you look back to 22nd June 1977? I was a student at a Methodist girls’ school in Sydney.

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