Assembly overview

By NIGEL TAPP Some within the Uniting Church would deride the triennial Assembly gathering as a bit of talkfest. Yes, there is a lot of talking throughout the six days as the members deal with a range of issues.

Meet the president-elect

Dr Deidre Palmer was elected as the next president-elect of the Uniting Church in Australia today South Australian moderator, Dr Deidre Palmer, will be the next president-elect of the Uniting Church in Australia followin

My first Assembly

Having worked at the synod for only a few months, I was not quite sure what to expect when I attended Assembly for the first time in Perth.

Meet the President

  By MATT PULFORD Six weeks after being interviewed in Sydney for an accountant position at the UCA’s Northern Synod, Stuart McMillan found himself standing alone with his swag on the edge of a dirt airstrip at Ram

Humanity Remade by Kindness

The ‘Emerging Man’, a series of statues in Prague, by Olbram Zoubek, depict humanity being re-made to ‘fullness’ after the end of the de-humanisation of communism.

Asylum seeker support

The 14th Assembly of the Uniting Church has demanded that the Australian Government adopt policies which genuinely seek to support rather than demonise asylum seekers and refugees.

Challenge of Assembly

By Dan Wootton In his retiring address to the Assembly in Perth, former president Rev Dr Andrew Dutney quoted philosopher John Dewey who said, “We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.

Marriage proposal requires more consideration

Rev Alastair Macrae introduced the Doctrine Working Group’s The theology of marriage and same-gender relationships within the Uniting Church report to the Assembly, noting that the report is based on the 1997 resolution

Special Circumstances

Any synod seeking to evoke Special Circumstances in the future will be bound by a clear and prescribed process of consultation following a decision of the Assembly.

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