We welcome submissions and photos to Crosslight for our monthly print edition and our daily online edition. We feature opinion pieces, theological reflection, social justice articles, church profiles as well as a Good News section celebrating activities at our local churches and across the world.

Deadlines for story submissions, letters to the editor and advertising copy are usually within the first week of the month prior to publication. Please send editorial submissions and letters to the editor to

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Crosslight submissions deadlines for 2019


Edition Submission
February 2 January
April 26 February
June 1 May
August 3 July
October 4 September
December 30 October


Advertising in Crosslight reaches a spending demographic that devours content and is keen to purchase quality trusted products. With a print run of over 20,000, Crosslight is delivered monthly to over 700 locations across Victoria and Tasmania.

If you are submitting finished artwork for advertising please ensure it is one of the below file formats and is emailed to by close of business on the deadline date.

Crosslight submissionsAccepted file formats:
or EPS

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