Footy prayer

Julie Perrin watched the AFL Women’s match at Princes Park along with other Uniting Church ministers. She offers the following prayer to commemorate the start of the historic league.

Stories of hope at the Olympics

The Rio Olympics has seen record-breaking feats, with Usain Bolt racing himself into Olympics history and Michael Phelps winning his 28th, and most-likely final, medal.

The House of One

World Interfaith Harmony Week, observed annually on the first week of February, encourages tolerance, respect and peace between people of different faiths.

Another milestone for Arthur

In 1926, the population of Australia was just over six million people, King George V (the current Queen’s grandfather) was the head of state and Melbourne would go on to defeat Collingwood in the VFL Grand Final.

Reunited for Christmas

A resident at Uniting AgeWell in Forest Hill has been reunited with her beloved pet Chihuahua just in time for Christmas.

88-year-old lives his Tiger Moth dream

Keith George’s wish to fly in a Tiger Moth plane for the first time in 63 years was granted on Saturday, when the 88-year-old took off from Lilydale Airport thanks to the Uniting AgeWell Wishing Well program.