Drought resistant


Frontier Services patrol minister Rowena Harris could never have anticipated that a modest request for frozen meals would rapidly expand into an ecumenical effort to support struggling farmers as drought grips Victoria.

“It’s been an amazing week,” Rowena said.

“I started out thinking I was going to pick up some frozen meals from ...

Company time


“One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do.” – Three Dog Night

Albanian woman Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, who is better known as Mother Teresa, once said that “loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty”.

Working with the most marginalised people of that vast Indian city, Mother Teresa reputedly ...

Going the extra mile


When Eloise Wellings runs she often has much more on her mind than best times or even Olympic glory.

Not only is she an elite long-distance runner, representing Australia in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, she’s also a founding director of the Love Mercy Foundation, which helps northern Ugandans live empowered lives.

Eloise’s ...

Award for Archives

The dedication of Victorian Synod Archives volunteers has been recognised with an award from Museums Australia.

Synod records manager Graham Hawtin, synod archivist Dr Jenny Bars and volunteer Joan Hammonds were presented with the 2018 Victorian Collections Award for Excellence in Museum Cataloguing at the awards night hosted by Melbourne Museum in late August.

Mr Hawtin ...

Listen up


Justin Timberlake is no longer popular, but superhero movies are very much in fashion.

That’s the verdict from young Uniting Church’s members, who have shared their observations on what is ‘lit’ (trendy) or ‘quit’ (outdated) on a new weekly youth ministry podcast called Work Experience.

Host Bradon French, who is the Synod’s intergenerational ...

Creating a garden of spiritual growth

A meditation garden designed and built with involvement from the Sophia’s Spring Uniting Church community will be the centrepiece of a spirituality hub in the inner-Melbourne environment park CERES.

Sophia’s Spring is an ecofeminist Christian community which grew out of Fitzroy Uniting Church.

The congregation has been meeting for Sunday services at the ...

Meredith an inspirational type


It is a devastating truth that people with disabilities are often judged by mainstream society before they’ve had a chance to share who they are and what they can contribute.

Their intelligence – and sometimes value – can be called into question in a way other people will never experience or understand.

This ...

Faith no more

Review by Nick Mattiske

Book | Seven Types of Atheism |John Gray

The cover of John Gray’s Seven Types of Atheism features seven highlighted gumnuts.

Is Gray suggesting atheism is a form of nuttiness? Sort of, as even though Gray is an atheist himself, he thinks that only a minority of the wide variety of ...

Seasons of the soul

Around the end of August and beginning of September, there is something invigorating in the air.

It’s as if an unconscious rhythm has kicked in, one that tells my body it’s time to stop hibernating and protecting myself from the cold and, instead, open up to possibilities.

In Central Victoria, the wattles come into ...

Deep thinking

Review by Nick Mattiske

Book | Wild Sea: A History of the Southern Ocean | Joy McCann

We Australians are beach lovers. But in winter there is a stark difference between our idyllic, northern, Pacific beaches and the southern coastline pounded by icy waters travelling unhindered from Antarctica.

The Southern Ocean is an example ...

Full set of beliefs

Ormond Uniting Church will devote October to exploring four of the world’s great faiths.

The north-east Melbourne congregation will spend four successive Sunday mornings delving into Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism.

Normal worship time will begin at 9.30am followed by a 10-minute talk from a representative of the faith tradition being examined. Music, readings, group discussion and ...