Preying on trust

REV ANN KEY has been a member of the Uniting Church since it began 40 years ago. She has been an ordained minister for 28 years. Throughout that time, Ann has witnessed the devastating impact abuse, in all its forms, can have on the church community and beyond. Sadly, as the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional ...

Presidential seal of approval

Visitors to Uniting AgeWell’s Noble Park Community might be surprised to see residents holding and stroking a very cute and quite noisy baby seal.

But what is perhaps even more surprising is that the cuddly critter is actually an advanced robot that has even charmed a former US president.

PARO, which stands for ...

Golden opportunity

When Julie Blake was flipping through Crosslight earlier this year, she noticed that the Kalgoorlie Uniting Church – in Western Australia’s remote Goldfields region – was offering accommodation in the manse in return for people willing to take services.

Julie and her husband Ricky were already planning a trip from their home in Tasmania’s North-West ...

Zooming around the synod

In 1977, the year of the formation of the Uniting Church, one of the world’s first personal all-in-one computers, the Commodore PET, was demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. A clunky beast by today’s standards, this early computer weighed over 10kg and contained a keyboard that many found difficult to operate.

Today, as the ...

On tap and on song

Some people might think an event called Beer and Hymns sells itself, but Sally Douglas wasn’t so sure.

“I didn’t know if any more than five people would show up,” the Richmond Uniting Church minister said.

As it turned out the 40th anniversary of union event, put on by Richmond and Uniting Church Chalice, attracted far ...

Royal Commission report highlights criminal justice


THE Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse might have concluded both private and public hearings, but the work is far from complete.

Last month the Royal Commission released a number of reports, with the most significant titled Criminal Justice. This weighty volume – 2070 pages including appendices – makes 85 recommendations aimed at reforming the ...

What is the Uniting Church for?

This might seem a strange question to ask. After all, our very name tells us: we’re uniting. Yes, this tells us something about the ecumenical context of our origins. We are one product of the 20th century pursuit of visible church unity.

For a while, our existence was something of a beacon to other churches – a sign of ...

Forever friends

Review by Penny Mulvey

Play | Di and Viv and Rose

“I wanted to write a play about friendship and I wondered if I could catch what it’s like to know and love people for a long time, in an hour-and-a-half.”

English actor and playwright, Amelia Bullmore, is talking about Di and ...

UA Sunday

Uniting AgeWell’s historical links with the Uniting Church date back 70 years, when some of the Presbyterian and Methodist congregations had the vision and foresight to build facilities to invest in the care of older people.

Many Uniting Church congregations still strongly support Uniting AgeWell communities through pastoral visits to residents, and volunteering in ...