Fire & Fury – Inside the Trump White House

Fire & Fury – Inside the Trump White House | Michael Wolff | Publisher – Henry Holt


Journalist Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury – Inside the Trump White House, was published last week in a storm of anticipation and controversy.

Wolff offers a chilling insight into the Trump administration’s tumultuous first year. Predominantly an ...

Jungle all the way

Finding a film the whole family can enjoy can be a challenge during the Christmas holidays. We asked budding film critic Rebecca Nel, age 16, to give her verdict on one that might just fit the bill.

Jumanji-Welcome to the Jungle is a sequel to the original and well-known 1995 Jumanji film.

This action-comedy stars famous actors including Dwayne ...

Summer days

As summer approaches, many of us begin to think about the holidays ahead. Once the flurry of the festive season subsides, it is time to unwind and perhaps catch up on all those books, movies and TV series you missed throughout the year. Crosslight staff share some of their recommendations for your reading or viewing pleasure over the summer break.


Learning for life


Book | Educating for Purposeful Living in a Post- Traditional Age | Philip Hughes

One of the fundamental pillars of wellbeing is the feeling that we matter, that our very existence and our contributions have made a positive difference in this world. In the field of positive psychology this is labelled as ...

Knowing Nixon


Book | Richard Nixon: The Life | John A. Farrell

Richard Nixon remains a relevant political figure. Much of our present distrust of politicians, and culture wars between right and left, can be traced back to his era. His story reminds us that we need to keep a watchful eye on both what ...

Great expectations

Review by NIGEL TAPP

Film | A father’s dreams | Wyn Moriarty

To commit the story of your life thus far to print – the good and the bad – seems like a massive undertaking.

How will those I know now, who did not know me then, react? Will they view me differently? How will my ...

Resurrection return


Book | On the Third Day, Re-Looking at the Resurrection | John Queripel

JOHN Queripel suggests ways to look at the biblical account of Jesus’ resurrection with fresh eyes; he has us as the reader journey with him.

His writing style is relatively informal and inclusive; he engages with the reader ...

Brand power

Review by Garth Jones

Book | Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions | Russell Brand

THE seven deadly sins, according to Wikipedia, originated with desert father Evagrius Ponticus.

Ponticus identified seven or eight evil thoughts or spirits humans strove to overcome. The concept was later transplanted to Europe by Ponticus’ student John Cassian, and became fundamental to ...

Blunt blade

Film | MA | Blade Runner 2049

Review by Garth Jones 

In 1981, Scott directed Blade Runner, a vexing, iconic work of noirish science fiction adapted from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, a novel by author Philip K Dick.

Dick is presently enjoying a posthumous, contemporary renaissance – see Stan’s Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams, produced ...

Weight of world

Review by Ros Marsden

TV | The Obesity Myth | SBS

Sometimes in a week of television channel-hopping you discover a gem among the myriad of reality programs posing as passable viewing. The three-episode SBS documentary aired in September The Obesity Myth was one of those offerings.

The series followed patients and their ...

Elect of God

Review by David Southwell

Book | Conclave | Robert Harris

The Synod of Victoria and Tasmania has just chosen a new moderator-elect, and while that may have had some measure of excitement, it’s unlikely to be the subject of an airport bookshop thriller such as this.

Picking a new pope is the subject of Robert Harris’ gripping ...

Understanding Hart


Book | The Hidden and the Manifest: Essays in Theology and Metaphysics | The Dream-Child’s Progress & Other Essays | David Bentley Hart

David Bentley Hart is the finest of contemporary Christian writers, and the release of not one but two collections of his pieces is a cause for celebration. His prose ...