The nature of God

One night recently, as I was preparing to go to bed, I listened to the news. One of the news items was about the genocide currently taking place in Myanmar targeting the Rohingya people.

The report told of the army moving into villages, shooting men in front of their loved ones, of women being sexually assaulted and ...

Statements of Intent – sparking helpful conversation

Together with other key components of the Synod’s Strategic Framework, the 10 Statements of Intent seek to spark helpful conversations within our gathered communities – conversations focused on our community life as participants in the mission of God.

Our new Synod Standing Committee has begun to weave these Statements into their conversations.

At the request ...

Uniting, horizons, and the surprising future

Transition – any number of us may be rather pleased if we never hear that word again. Transition is change: change of structures to match the future of the church; change of budgets to match the size of the congregations and forms of ministry; change of cultural contexts that have different expectations of the social value ...

Community and consensus

Often when I talk with people outside the Uniting Church about consensus decision-making, they are intrigued.

They find it hard to imagine a group of people who meet to look for common ground, who are willing to listen to each other and consider how they might hear God in each other.

If they know ...

Four Synod inspirations

I was inspired by the recent Synod meeting at Box Hill Town Hall – all five days of it!

By the end, I was tired. Very tired! But I felt honoured to have been part of it all.

Here are four particularly inspiring themes that came to mind:

I was inspired by the ...

Walking the walk


Recently my wife and I walked part of the Camino, The Way, to the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela – a city which has been destination for pilgrims for almost a thousand years. We were not pilgrims for extended weeks.

We walked for a week along the Portuguese Camino – still ...

Always on the Way

IT is the week after the 2017 Synod. Once again we were reminded in a number of reports and speeches from the floor that the Church is on a journey. We are a pilgrim people, ‘always on the way’.

The theme of the church as a pilgrim people emerged strongly in the early decades of the Christian movement.


What is the Uniting Church for?

This might seem a strange question to ask. After all, our very name tells us: we’re uniting. Yes, this tells us something about the ecumenical context of our origins. We are one product of the 20th century pursuit of visible church unity.

For a while, our existence was something of a beacon to other churches – a sign of ...

One in Christ

the last couple of weeks I have found myself reflecting on Paul’s statement in Galatians (3:26-28) that through Christ we are all made children of God through faith. Divisions we construct are no longer the categories by which Christians are to view each other for we are all one in Christ.

We often act ...

Care, discipline and courageous conversations – effective pastoral leadership

Is there a difference between pastoral care and pastoral oversight or leadership? I think so; however, I am aware that many assume both terms refer to the same thing.

For our life as a vibrant church I think we need a clear distinction between pastoral care and pastoral leadership. The latter is a requirement ...