October 2017 Crosslight now out

Out of the mouths of babes –  our Crosslight front cover this month features one of the messages sent by year two and year four students from Scots School Albury to Synod 2017.  Words and pictures of support and encouragement were posted on the walls of Box Hill Town Hall during the Synod meeting.

Synod feature: Old endings and new beginnings

Almost 300 Synod members packed Box Hill Town Hall throughout the five business days of the meeting to discern and discuss the future of the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania.

Before that Rev Dr Robyn Whitaker set the tone for the 13th Synod meeting during the opening worship at St Michael’s Uniting Church on ...

Class warfare

Friday Forum


AS I prepare this review, the Coalition government’s same-sex marriage postal survey is entering its second week.

The Australian Christian Lobby, led by Lyle Shelton, is presently staging a ‘no’ campaign launch in Adelaide, the City of Churches.

A quick scan of my – or anyone else’s – social media feed is more than enough ...

Dear the people that came to Synod,

I hope you have a nice meeting and you will make the right decision. Hope you don’t fight. Claire, Yr 2

I hope your meeting is fair, nice, happy and you are kind. I hope that if you don’t agree on what they said please do not shout at them and forgive what they said and say, ...

Korea’s pain of having no route to reunification


The Korean War caused a deep wound to all Koreans. More than 10 million people were scattered all over the country and, since all means of communication were cut off, the war-dispersed families had no way to verify whereabouts of their missing relatives.

In 1983, a live TV program titled Finding Dispersed Families aired for 138 days in ...

Urgent call to halt persecution of Rohingyas

Uniting Church in Australia President Stuart McMillan has urged the Australian Government to take a lead in efforts to end the brutal violence against the Rohingya people in Myanmar.

“The Australian Government must urgently work alongside the international community to halt what is justifiably being described as the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya minority by military forces,” Mr McMillan said.

Mr ...

The blessings of Sheryil

Jacqueline Vanderholt

Synod employee Jacqueline Vanderholt writes about her sister Sheryil who faces deportation from Australia.

Sheryil was born 28 July 1967; she was the fourth in the family of six kids. Mum and Dad were so brave to have two more kids after Sheryil.

Sheryil was a beautiful baby who never had any symptoms of ...

The abused child I carry within

Participating in the Culture of Safety training and listening to the discussion around it, I am two people.

One is the experienced minister, analysing the changes being made and thinking about how best to introduce them to a congregation.

The other is the small child experiencing abuse, the one who still lives inside the ...

Weight of world

Review by Ros Marsden

TV | The Obesity Myth | SBS

Sometimes in a week of television channel-hopping you discover a gem among the myriad of reality programs posing as passable viewing. The three-episode SBS documentary aired in September The Obesity Myth was one of those offerings.

The series followed patients and their ...

Elect of God

Review by David Southwell

Book | Conclave | Robert Harris

The Synod of Victoria and Tasmania has just chosen a new moderator-elect, and while that may have had some measure of excitement, it’s unlikely to be the subject of an airport bookshop thriller such as this.

Picking a new pope is the subject of Robert Harris’ gripping ...

Letters to the editor – October 2017

Not about equality

In Matthew 19: 4-5 and Mark 10: 6-9 Jesus is quoted as citing Genesis 1:27b, which says, “…male and female he created them” and leads immediately into Verse 28: “God blessed them and God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply’.”

Jesus then said, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and ...

Understanding Hart


Book | The Hidden and the Manifest: Essays in Theology and Metaphysics | The Dream-Child’s Progress & Other Essays | David Bentley Hart

David Bentley Hart is the finest of contemporary Christian writers, and the release of not one but two collections of his pieces is a cause for celebration. His prose ...