March 2018 Crosslight out now

Kathryn Stoel-Cousineau, Sarah Tomilson (Diya Lakai Havea) and Viola Leung were part of a group of Uniting Church candidates and Pilgrim faculty who attended a their three-day commencement camp in Halls Gap in February. Rev Sue Withers reflects on lessons learned at the camp. 

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Mess with us


When Lucy Moore established the first Messy Church in 2004, she never imagined it would grow into a worldwide phenomenon.

The seeds of the Messy Church movement were planted in a small Anglican parish in a village north of Portsmouth. Fourteen years later, it has spread to more than 35 countries, including Australia, United States, ...

Depth of perception in Vision

A series of studies being released next month will invite people to explore how they can apply Synod’s Vision Statement to their own lives and faith community.

Strategic framework minister Rev David Withers has compiled and edited the six stand-alone studies intended for use by small groups.

They can be studied in or out of ...

Donation laws threaten to reach inside church walls

Church groups fear proposed new laws will designate congregational sermons and conversations as political while strictly regulating how they can be funded under the threat of jail terms.

The Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill and the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Bill are part of a package of legislation introduced to federal parliament. The legislation is ...

Celebrating 60 years of preaching

One of Dorothy Gordon’s earliest memories as a lay preacher was the night the Russians launched the Sputnik satellite into space.

“There was a very small congregation that night. There weren’t many of us there because they were all looking at Sputnik,” Dorothy recalled.

Dorothy’s journey to become a lay preacher began more than 60 years ago when ...

God’s grace in all contexts

I spent an encouraging weekend at the Australasian Messy Church Conference in Parkville last month.What a fantastic time with 170 delegates engaged in fresh expressions of church under the ‘Messy’ banner. So many people in ministry working out how to encourage discipleship within different contexts; how to be intentionally missional with our faith stories, and how ...

Learning together with a digital generation


The average age of the Ocean Grove Uniting Church congregation may be 74 years old, but that hasn’t stopped them from experimenting with new ways to make worship more accessible for younger generations.

Last year, the congregations at Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads trialled a monthly intergenerational service called 4R Thrive Together.

Instead ...

The seduction of cyberspace


Whether it is the fear of cyberbullying or concern for the addictive allure of online gaming, many parents and grandparents can find themselves in unchartered waters as they strive to guide their children safely through the online world.

For many people, cyberbullying is a new and alarming phenomenon; for others it is all too ...

60 years of love

Elwyn and Frances Seen’s marriage did not begin under the easiest of circumstances. Then just 15 years old, Frances was pregnant when the couple exchanged their vows at the Beaconsfield Methodist Church – about 40km from Launceston in Northern Tasmania – on 1 February 1958.

Since then they have raised four sons, have 10 grandchildren ...

Synod Snaps – March 2018

Skipton St Uniting Church members Elsie Rudwick and Nita Bartle were presented with certificates of appreciation at the Skipton St Regional Healthcare Chaplaincy Luncheon.

These toys are washed and ready to be sold at the Springvale Uniting Church Op Shop.

Castlemaine artist Rev Dr Wes Campbell provided an opportunity for local people to view an exhibition ...

New York stories


Social media | HONY | Brandon Stanton

One week’s notice, one night only and Brandon Stanton hit Melbourne last month to a full house.

“Who is Brandon Stanton?” I hear you ask.

For anyone interested in new ways of telling a story, Brandon’s tale of starting Humans of ...

An even bigger Pancake Day stir

A TV news item provided the inspiration Barry Schofield was looking for to shake up St Leonard’s Brighton Beach Uniting Church Pancake Day formula.

Mr Schofield watched a story where police were ‘moving on’ rough sleepers camped around Flinders St station. An overseas tourist made the comment that it was not a good look for ...