May 2014 Letters

Climate change from global warming is arguably the biggest calamity the world is facing today.

May 2014 letters

Last month I was baptised at Ballarat Central Uniting Church, where I have been attending Sunday worship for over a year. On that day, I was asked why I choose to be baptised, a commitment I do not take lightly.

April 2014 letter

Alcohol is costing us millions of dollars and seriously affecting the wellbeing of our society.

Letters March 2014

Bullying is an issue that is unfortunately all too common both in the workplace and in the community.

February letters

In the November issue of Crosslight there was a letter claiming that the Bible spoke clearly against homosexuality.


Once upon a time there was a large family business. Within the business there were a number of individual enterprises looked after by many children.


We, the people of St Columbas have been chosen. Our church, our halls, our kindergarten, our tennis courts and our manse are to be sold to pay off your debt. “It’s unjust! You should fight.


The May 2013 Synod was very poorly informed about the facts which led up to the abrupt demise of the college on 17 October 2012.


I have noted with some unease the tone of much of the Crosslight correspondence subsequent to the declaration of ‘special circumstances’ at the last Synod meeting.


I am sorely troubled by our Church’s financial crisis at this time.

July letters

There are many things about Melbourne that make it an attractive city to live in. The football (yes, I’m a tragic fan). The cute, quaint coffee shops in all sorts of corners and alleyways in the city.


The question of sexual identity and sexual activity is a complex one and is not addressed by Geoff Smith in his letter in the February edition.