July letters

Stand up for foreign aid I commend those responsible for producing the very evocative front page and the words which went with it shown on Page 2.

June Letters

Walking for justice I read the article in the May issue of Crosslight, and while I was delighted at the size of the response, and the leading of the UCA contingent by President Andrew Dutney and Moderator Dan Wootton, th

May Letters

Concerned Ferntree Gully Uniting Church members are standing against the death penalty.

April Letters

I read with incredulity and disbelief the letter ‘Who or what is God?’ in February Crosslight.

March letters

Thank you for publicising MemoryLink in Crosslight (December 2014).

February letters

To discover fresh expressions of church, the UCA needs to rediscover the lost art of sacred reading.


The system for the appointment of ministers is broken and needs an urgent overhaul. The example I use of a broken system is my own church – Auburn.

November letters

In May 2009, with the support of St John’s Essendon Church Council, I established an outreach ministry at MIDC.

October letters

Church council members of Pomonal Uniting Church are struggling with the massive amounts of communications we receive via email, particularly from the synod office.

September letters

The Major Strategic Review (MSR) lists its major points in the August Crosslight: The Church is on a journey to continually seek new and better ways to express God’s mission; The Church is the voice of those without a vo

August letters

There was a deeply perverse irony in July’s Crosslight.

Letters – July 2014

Kevin McIntosh (June) is both confused and in joy about his experiences of baptism. In the first decade or so after the Second World War, baptism was a hot topic for discussion.