Letters – October 2016

Learning from Islam The remarks made by Senator Hanson in her maiden speech are as astonishing as they are predictable (sadly).

Letters to the editor -August 2016

Listening to our youth Thank you, Crosslight, for the excellent Synod 2016 supplement, capturing many moments and opinions. I haven’t attended Synod for several years and this kind of summary is most welcome.

Letters to the editor – July 2016

Reality of God I recently bought a telescope to watch the night skies. At first I was a little perplexed when the image of a tree I trained it on was upside down. On further research, it seemed that it doesn’t matter.

Letters to the editor – June 2016

Foreign aid It was extremely disturbing to read that over $11 billion has been slashed from Australia’s overseas aid budget during the past few years (‘Stop foreign aid cuts,’ Crosslight, May).

Letters to the editor – April

Mardi Gras march On Saturday 5 March, Sydney’s Oxford Street was awash with rainbows and glitter and filled with music for the annual Mardi Gras parade.

Letters to the editor – March

Giving up prejudice Lent is said to be a time of self-imposed abstinence. This Lent maybe it’s time we go a little further and try to give up more than chocolates.

Letters to the editor – January

The politics of religion Social commentators repeatedly state that politics and religion should not mix. I strongly disagree, as both are about life.

December letters

The UCA dares to be different I beg to differ on Ted Carrow’s criticism in the last issue of Crosslight of the Uniting Church for failing to fall into line with most other mainstream churches on the issue of marriage equ