It’s that flipping time of the year again


The ubiquitous hot cross buns in the supermarkets are an early reminder of the beckoning journey towards the suffering of the Crucifixion.

Across our life as the Uniting Church in Victoria and Tasmania, there is a call to us. Our synod’s Vision and Mission Principles remind us that “the Spirit is calling us forward ...

Site inspection

Review by Rachel Kronberger

Book | Property and Progress for a Pilgrim People | Michael Owen

In his new book Property and Progress for a Pilgrim People, Michael Owen reflects on property in the UCA and asks to whom does a congregation’s property really belong?  Owen argues from the Basis of Union and the Regulations that ...

People power

Review by Julie Perrin and Andy Calder

Book | The Power of Friendship, the Open House story  | Digby Hannah

FROM its beginnings in 1971, Open House Ivanhoe – and now Open House MacLeod – has taken on the characteristics of a  social movement.

Based on research and interviews, author Digby Hannah has compiled ...

Reasons to celebrate


The 1960s was a visionary time in Alexandra in Victoria. Optimism for the future was high.

The growing number of children in church saw the construction of a building to provide more space for the thriving congregation.

The foundation stone was formally laid in 1966 and the church ...

A mission strategy: the weekly Eucharist

‘Mission’ is everywhere in contemporary mainline churches, not least the Uniting Church and not least because changes in the fortunes of the church have seen us turn to the question of mission with renewed vigour.  Projects such as our Synod’s Major Strategic Review spring directly out of such concerns.

As we watch the Synod respond ...

From little things big things grow

One young congregation member’s desire to make a difference has inspired Buninyong Uniting Church to raise much-needed funds for homeless people in Ballarat.

Last December, nine-year-old Leila asked her parents if she could do something to help those struggling with financial difficulty during the Christmas season.

With the support of her parents, Leila set about making ...

Marlee’s deciding moment


When Marlene ‘Marlee’ Reid moved to the remote Gippsland town of Swifts Creek from Canada in late 2015 she was in for a shock.

“You blink and you go through the whole town,” Marlee said.

“I kept waiting for the town to start and then we were out of it and I said ...

Rev ready for motorcycle ministry

Tell Andrew Delbridge that he has to get on his bike for the new role of Alpine Regional Resource Minister and he couldn’t be happier.

The role, created by the Presbytery of North East Victoria, calls on Mr Delbridge to develop resource networks and provide ministerial and pastoral support for a region that extends just ...

Marx for dummies

Review by Garth Jones

Book | Total Propaganda: Basic Marxist Brainwashing for the Angry and the Young | Helen Razer

Eight rich, old, white men control more wealth than the poorest 50 per cent of people on planet Earth.

That’s a depressingly slight percentage of the vaunted 1 per cent which benefited from the Global Financial ...

It’s not what you think…

You might have noticed comments on social media predicting a crisis for Christians this year because Ash Wednesday falls on St Valentine’s Day, and Easter Sunday is April Fool’s Day. Facebook is assuming the incongruity is too much.

Actually, there are synergies between the secular and sacred calendars that help us see the Gospel more clearly.

Sharing stories from the heart

Uniting Aboriginal Islander and Christian Congress (UAICC) members have recounted their experiences of cross-generational trauma – along with stories of hope and healing – at the 2018 National Conference.

More than 130 UAICC members from Australia are gathering at Geelong Grammar School this week to explore how Congress and the Uniting Church can work towards the healing of ...

‘Have a go’ recipe for success


Barbara Dorward and Carol Coon know the importance of good food and good company. When they realised that some elderly widowers in the Airport West East Keilor Uniting Church congregation were struggling to prepare meals, they decided to run simple cooking classes in the church kitchen.

The two women had recently attended an education day at ...