Making do with much less

By Nigel Tapp UnitingCare agencies and churches involved with emergency relief funding are being expected to do more with much less following a cut of about 30 per cent in Federal Government emergency relief funding acr

Relief cuts endanger Tasmania’s most vulnerable

UnitingCare Tasmania’s emergency relief operations in southern Tasmania will be reduced from four half days a week to about 10 hours a week in the wake of a 30 per cent funding cut by the Federal Government.

Welfare reform should involve greater investment

By Lin Hatfield Dodds National Director of UnitingCare Australia People in politics like to quote an old German Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, who famously said that laws are like sausages.

Time to listen

“Family violence is an area where – bizarrely – government organisations don’t necessarily seek the counsel of those who understand what is happening at the coalface – those who know what it is for a woman to be in an ab

Social issues high on conference agenda

Congress members Aunty Dianne Torrens (Chairperson of NSW/ACT Congress) and her husband Tim performing at a fellowship evening at the UAICC National Conference in Poatina, Tasmania.