Double Take: Steven Bernaudo and Ron Rosinsky

How do you reconcile God and guns? Serving Australian Defence Force reservists Steven Bernaudo, 33, and Rev Ron Rosinsky, 52, talk about being Christians in the military.

Interviews by David Southwell


I am a soldier in the Air Force. Previously I was full-time, now I am a high- readiness reservist. My rank is an LAC, which means a leading ...

Double Take: Ian Brain and William Clark

Uniting Housing has been providing affordable accommodation to vulnerable people for the past 10 years. We speak with outgoing CEO Ian Brain and grateful tenant, William Clark, 21.

Ian Brain

This year I am retiring as CEO of Uniting Housing, a job I have had for about six-and-a-half years. Uniting Housing provides affordable and social housing to people ...

Salesi, Siotame Faupula and the ‘golden chain’

Like father, like son? For Doubletake we asked Canterbury Balwyn Road Uniting Church minister Rev Salesi  Faupula and his son Siotame to talk about family, faith and finding yourself.

Salesi Faupula

I spent the first 10 years of my life growing up in the Aboriginal mission camp Yirrkala.  My father was a Free Wesleyan Church of ...

Diep Tran and Trang Vo’s epic refugee escape – Double Take

Diep Tran

I was born in 1958 and am the youngest of 10 brothers and sisters. During the Vietnam War we were blessed by living in the very far south of the country, in Rach Soi, because the fighting was mostly in the north and the middle.

However, we were still affected because in 1968, during ...

Double Take: Joy Han and Jiny Lee

Joy Han

I grew up in country NSW and Victoria, attending country UC congregations. My family were typically the only ethnic Koreans around for miles. I think that is not common among the other ethnic Koreans I have met, especially from the city.

I came to Melbourne to study at university and joined the Korean Church of ...

Double take – Will and Amanda Nicholas

Amanda and Will Nicholas are Uniting Church ministers. And they’ve also been married for 22 years – which is quite remarkable when you take into account Will’s fruit-testing technique.


I had only just arrived in Tasmania the day before I first met Amanda in 1996 on the 26th of January.

At age 24 I was taking a ...