Talkin’ ’bout the Reformation

Martin Luther has been feted, condemned, discussed and studied more than usual this year as 31 October marked the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation.

Good bye and God bless

Communications and Media Services (CoMS) director Penny Mulvey bids farewell to Crosslight readers in her final editorial.

One injustice too many

PENNY MULVEY Every day as we engage in the world – be it through social media, over a coffee with a friend, listening to the radio in the car, pouring over a newspaper – we are confronted by issues which speak to our hum

Forever friends

Penny Mulvey reviews 'Di and Viv and Rose', the latest offering by the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Respectfully disagree

PENNY MULVEY OUR country and our churches are at a crossroads. As a nation, we have never been very good at disagreeing with each other without making it personal.

Warm western welcome

Penny Mulvey recently travelled to Western Victoria and witnessed the many outreach and missional activities taking place in congregations.

ABC report not whole story

PENNY MULVEY Domestic or family violence is a serious issue that touches all facets of society. Therefore, it is no surprise that 7.

Bad web design and the hope of God

PENNY MULVEY Humans are creatures of habit. We often go about our daily activities as if on a conveyor line. But sometimes a person, an event, some words on a page, will break through and stay with you.