Kids just want to learn

The visit to MITA has become a permanent part of my week. Although difficult and sometimes unbearable – mostly because I feel helpless – I can’t stop going to see my friends. And even that is getting harder.

Forging friendships in faith

AboutFACE introduced Filipino-born Berlin Guerrero to the First Peoples of Australia. Such an introduction was one that Berlin had dreamt of for many years while awaiting his Australian protection visa.

How bad can it get?

I’m in the middle of the visiting room in Broadmeadows Detention Centre. It’s loud, children running around. Families talking. There is music. But in a corner I see Frank.

Aussie kids support refugees

Melbourne was the first Australian city to celebrate World Refugee Day, which began with a protest to free more than 1600 children held behind barbed wire and a call to end mandatory detention.

Cheer up, it’s not all bad

I’VE just finished class. It’s nearly 3 pm. Wednesdays are always busy – university from 9 am to 3 pm and I won’t be home until 9:45 pm tonight.