Prophetic voice in Zimbabwe

Crosslight spoke with Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Rev Dr Solomon Zwana, during his recent visit to Melbourne.

Elect of God

David Southwell reviews 'Conclave' by Robert Harris, a story of intrigue and politics set in the Vatican.

Fringe festival

There is plenty of sarcasm and other wry commentary in John Safran's new book 'Depends What You Mean By Extremist'.

John Safran says we still need to talk about religion

  The recent national Census may have recorded a decline in religious affiliation but John Safran says faith and belief still can’t be conveniently relabelled as something else in contemporary Australia.

Not One for All

Review by David Southwell Book | God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World, And Why Their Differences Matter | Stephen Prothero This 2011 book, written by Boston University religious studies Professor

A new era in Keeping Children Safe

DAVID SOUTHWELL The Vic/Tas synod’s new Keeping Children Safe policy will be available to download this month, along with a number of resources to help implement it.

Locked out

By DAVID SOUTHWELL Youth gangs running amok at public events in central Melbourne, riots and escapes at juvenile jails, terrifying home invasions, armed robberies and carjackings in the suburbs – these stories have playe

Blinding insights

Review by David Southwell MOVIE | NOTES ON BLINDNESS For John Hull the experience of totally losing his sight became something of a spiritual quest.

Coming out and speaking out in Islam

DAVID SOUTHWELL Australia’s only openly gay imam says that religious leaders with progressive views on sexuality need to speak up to save young lives.

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